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Maryland State Inspection

MD State Inspection in Edgewater, MD

Authorized Maryland Inspection Station

Certified Inspection Station #6763A

If you’re looking for an authorized Maryland inspection station you can trust, look no further. Whip’s Automotive is licensed by the Maryland State Police to inspect passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or less and trailers that are 20 feet in length or less without air brakes.

Whip's Automotive serves Edgewater, MD, Davidsonville, MD, Harwood, MD, and surrounding areas.

When Do I Need a State Inspection?

A car requires a Maryland vehicle inspection when it is first registered in the state or when it is sold to another party in Maryland. The safety inspection is very thorough and is only required once — not yearly or every two years as is required in some states. Whether you are selling your car, purchasing a used car, or preparing your car for a driving test, a Maryland car inspection is recommended.

My Car is Unregistered - How Do I Bring It In for an Inspection?

If you need an inspection for an unregistered car, you can obtain a temporary 30-day registration from the mva.maryland.gov website that will allow you to drive to and from the inspection site.

MD State Inspection in Davidsonville, MD

What Gets Checked During the State Safety Inspection?

A typical safety inspection involves checking all of your vehicle’s major systems and making sure they meet Maryland state inspection standards for a safe vehicle. If your car fails the Maryland safety inspection, we will give you a report specifying the problem areas. You can get your vehicle repaired at Whip’s Automotive, or you can take it somewhere else — or even do it yourself. We won’t pressure you into having the repairs done in our shop; if you can knock the job out at home, then go for it! 

Once your car is fixed, you will need to bring it back to our authorized Maryland inspection station for a re-inspection. If the repair was completed within 30 days or 1,000 miles of the original inspection, we will only need to inspect the repaired area. Otherwise, all systems will need to be inspected again.

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